Fabricated Metal Sign Letters

Fabricated Metal Sign Letters

Fabricated Metal Sign Letters are the Architectural-Grade version of the traditional channel letters. This high-quality letter type is an excellent choice for medium to large-scale signs that need to be seen from a long distance and extremely close-up. 

How They're Made: Like Channel Letters, Fabricated Metal Sign Letters are made by bending metal to form the edges and applying a back or face. However, Fabricated Metal Sign Letters have more robust materials and are made with higher quality manufacturing methods. These letter are often left with their natural metal finish, anodized, polished, or painted. 


  • Virtually unlimited design options
  • 20 premium metal finishes
  • Unlimited color matching
  • Sizes from 2" to 120" high
  • Multiple lighting options
  • Typical 10 days production time
  • Shipping and installation options Nationwide
  • Lifetime manufacturers warranty on all non-illuminated parts