Building Signs

Building Signs

Building signs are comprised of any sign that is a permanently affixed to a building. These types of signs need to be extremely durable to withstand harsh weather over the lifetime of the building. These signs include exterior Wall Signs, Blade Signs, Hanging Signs, and Letters and Logos.

Building Sign Types

Wall Signs

A Wall or Fascia Sign attaches to the exterior wall or fascia of the building. The fascia is a vertical extension of a building that can reach from the grade to the top wall or eaves of the building.

Hanging Signs

A Hanging or Suspending Sign attaches to the ceiling, canopy, or anywhere from the top and is an excellent option when there is little wall space available.

Blade Signs

A Blade Sign or Projecting Sign is mounted on the building, but the sign extends at a perpendicular angle. It is most often used on buildings that are in close proximity to street and when a Wall Sign cannot be seen easily.