LED Signs, Letters, and Logos

Signconnect sells and installs extremely durable high-quality LED Signs, Letters and Logos at Highly Competitive Prices.

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Face-Lit Letters & Logos

Face-Lit LED Sign Letters & Logos are the most commonly used illuminated sign letters and comes in an infinite variety of colors sizes and shapes.

Halo-Lit Letters & Logos

Halo-Lit LED Sign Letters & Logos are a great option for creating an added dimension of light to the surrounding edges of a a logo.

"Neon" Letters & Logos

Our unique Faux "Neon" Letters and Logos have the look of real neon but are made from high efficiency LED and are completely safe to the touch.


Wall Fascia Signs

A Wall or Fascia Sign attaches to the exterior wall or fascia of the building and are typically made of extruded metals to create a box sign.

Hanging Signs

Hanging or Suspended Signs are exactly what they sound like - signs that hang. These are a great option when limited space is available.

Blade Signs

A Blade Sign or Projecting Sign is mounted on the building and extends at a perpendicular angle. This an excellent sign type targeting foot traffic or passing vehicles.


Monument Signs

Monument Signs are large freestanding signs located at an entrance of a property and often lower in height than many signs.

Pylon & Pole Signs

Pole Signs are very large freestanding signs with a visible support structure and a Pylon Sign, has the structure enclosed. 

Post & Panel Signs

Post Signs are freestanding signs that have one or more visible posts and are often made of either cabinets or panels.